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Protection for your eyesight!

Ingredients of the preparation: 30 capsules
Herbal ingredients: bilberry extract

Quantity Price: 40 EUR
Retail Price: 58 EUR


Safe-to-see is recommended for reducing the visual fatigue, it helps in enhancing visual acuity, in protecting eyes againts unfavorable environmental impact, in securing retina against the irritating effect of the short-wave radiation, in reducing risks of eye diseases, in strengthening immunity.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids which are vital for the health of eyes became the central component of Safe-to-see. For the first time a combination of highly concentrated Omega 3 with a capsule made from fish gelatin is used. Safe-to-see makes up a deficiency of essential for the eyesight substances in the organism: omega-3, vitamins В2 and Е, beta-carotene, bilberry extract, lutein, selenium and zinc.

The unique product formula was developed by Vision Group experts together with the leader of the European nutriceutical industry - Arkopharma concern (France).

Regularly taking Safe-to-see helps with:
  • improving your eyesight acuity,
  • reducing visual fatigue,
  • protecting your eyes against harmful effect of free radicals,
  • lowering the risk of eye disease emergence and development.

Safe-to-see composition includes:
Omega-3 (EPA/DHA) contributes to retaining healthy eye retina and improving microcirculation, nutrition and retention of eye tissues as well as prevents development of inflammatory reactions. It is necessary for normal functioning of the brain as it ensures a rapid influx of energy and assists with transmitting impulses that carry a signal from one cell to another. Human organism can not synthesize Omega-3 on its own and must receive polyunsaturated fatty acids either with food or in a form of food supplements.

Vitamin В2(riboflavin) plays an important role in supporting visual function of the eyes. It takes part in provision of light and color visions, protects the mucous eye-membrane from an irritable effect of short-wave rays. Frequently occurring cases of conjunctivitis, epiphora and photophobia are connected to a deficiency of В2 vitamin. A stronger pronounced deficit of the vitamin can provoke inflammatory deceases of cornea and development of cataract (dimness of the eye crystal). In cases of a lower than necessary content or absence of B2 vitamin a person experiences sharp eye pain and disturbance of night vision.

Lutein is the main pigment of the “yellow spot” located in the centre of eye retina. This area is specifically responsible for a good and clear sight. Lutein absorbs harmful blue part of the light stream spectrum and neutralizes any destructive action, if a part of rays nevertheless reaches tender structures of the retina. Deficiency of lutein leads to worsening of sight.

Beta-carotene is easily absorbed by the organism and is converted into vitamin A, which is the most important component of the eyesight normal functioning. Under conditions of the vitamin A deficiency an eye poorly adopts to pale lighting and weakly distinguishes between dark bleu and yellow lights. Beta-carotene participates in forming epithelial tissue, which is a component of skin, glands and mucous membranes. It is necessary for maintaining healthy bones, teeth, good sight and reproductive function.

Vitamin Е contributes to slowing down processes of developing age related eye deceases, holds back cell aging process and contributes to enrichment of blood with oxygen.

Bilberry extract contributes to the eye pupil adaptation in the dark and improvement of visual acuity. It prevents destruction of collagen and strengthens blood vessels.

Zinc is one of the main anti-oxidants. The worse is the ecological environment – the greater amount of zinc the organism requires. Zinc is necessary for converting retinol (vitamin А) into retinal, which is used to form retina pigment.

Selenium rejuvenates immune system, contributes to creation of antibodies, prevents occurrence of infectious deceases and helps improving cognitive abilities. Selenium plays an important role in the process of cell growth. Deficiency of selenium may weaken protection from age related damage of the eyesight mechanism

Ingredients and form of the preparation: 30 gelatin capsules, 836 mg

Each capsule contains:

NutrientsValue% RDA

90 mg
60 mg

Lutain3 mg-
Vitamin A (betacarotene)400 µg37,5% RDA
Vitamin B20,8 mg50 %RDA
Vitamin E5 mg50% RDA
Selenium25 µg-
Zinc7,5 mg50% RDA
Bilberry extract7,5 mg-
*RDA - Recommended Daily Allowance