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Optimal formulation and invariably high quality are key features that are inherent to all Vision International People Group products. The Company’s main strategic partner is Arkopharma, the largest pharmaceutical concern in Europe, in cooperation with which Vision has built Nutripharma, its own plant in Ireland.

Arkopharma is world's leading manufacturer of pharmaceuticals based on medicinal plants. Arkopharma is currently developing, producing, and distributing a wide range of plant-based products for both domestic market in France and for many markets worldwide.

In 1982, Arkopharma was granted status as a pharmaceutical laboratory. Thus the foundation was laid for one of the largest pharmaceutical concerns in France. At the present time the Arkopharma laboratory operates over seventy state-of-the-art production lines where 1.5 billion pills in capsule forms, 111 tons of tablets, and 1.5 tons of cosmetics products are produced every year. To this end, for example, 500 tons of plants are processed on a yearly basis.

According to IMS Health Inc. (, Arkopharma holds key positions in France’s pharmaceuticals market:
  • The largest share (82.9%) in the market for phytotherapy products in capsule form; and
  • Second to the largest share (33.5%) in the market for vitamin/mineral complexes.

The Vision International People Group Company holds exclusive rights to Vision bioactive dietary supplements that are manufactured specifically, exclusively, and solely for our company according to the aforesaid formulation and under the aforesaid brand name.