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The WHO philosophy

The Vision philosophy is called the Whole Health Option or, in abbreviated form, WHO. This coincides with the acronym that stands for the World Health Organization. It emphasizes the priority given to health in the Vision Company, the international character of its activities as well as the cooperation between Vision and WHO in studying the quality of life of people everywhere.

More and more people in the world opt for wellness, a progressive ideology which means rejecting bad habits and adopting balanced nutrition, body support by means of biologically active food supplements and a desire for a long and active life.

Both the WHO philosophy and Wellness have become synonym for health, success and a positive approach to life. Not without reason, the Vision Company is the only network Company which under the auspices of the World Health Organization monitors the health status and quality of life of people in Europe. The research is led by the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Cooperation with WHO

Within the framework of the Vision International health People Group's partnership with WHO (the World Health Organization), it has been decided to engage independent distributors in the project to research quality of life. The document confirming participation in the research is a certificate issued by Vision.