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Meanings of the marks and logos applied to the Vision product packages and pictured in marketing materials.
The symbols on the Vision product packages and covers of booklets and brochures are not just design elements. They are the graphic presentation of our product advantages and of the Company's philosophy: the highest product quality, advanced production technologies and the Vision socially responsible business model.
They are the pride of the Company.

Said symbols can be divided into several groups – certification marks, generally accepted international symbols, the Vision "Whole Health Option" philosophy marks, the Company partners' logos, signs indicating the use of technologies and properties of ingredients, emblems of social projects and initiatives.

Certification Marks

GMP Certified Producer

GMP Certified Producer Mark — the International GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard covers a broad range of requirements manufacturing enterprises should comply with. GMP for pharmaceutical companies determines the parameters of each production stage. All manufacturing capacities making the Vision brand products are certified against GMP standard.

ECOCERT Mark is the most strict and most prestigious certification mark in the world for biocosmetics producers. Ecocert is the production control and product certification organization. Its operations are endorsed by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry and are regulated by official authorities and national laws.
Знак ISO 22000 BUREAU VERITAS Certification

ISO 22000 BUREAU VERITAS Certification Mark includes the Bureau Veritas logo. That international group founded in 1828 specializes in inspecting, analysing, auditing and certifying products, infrastructures and management systems in accordance with statutory and voluntary standards. Bureau Veritas has conducted certification of the Vision production base against provisions of ISO 22000* standard, and we were the first to obtain that certificate for our production of biologically active food supplements.
Ekologinis žemės ūkis

Ekologinis žemės ūkis is the environmental certificate obtained by Švenčionių vaistažolės (SVF) factory. The certificate guarantees conformity with all requirements for the organic production, processing, transportation, storage and utilization as per the European Union Directives No. 834/2007 and No. 889/2008.

Generally Accepted International Symbols

Знак DER GRÜNE PUNKT (Зеленая точка)

DER GRÜNE PUNKT (Green Dot) mark is the international symbol signifying the manufacturer's support of packaging utilization and recycling programs. The mark confirms the Company's commitment to the environment protection activities and its encouragement of the separate waste collection. It is also used for marking the packaging made of the materials that are safe for consumers and completely recyclable.

Знак LT-EKO-001 EU Agriculture

LT-EKO-001 EU Agriculture Mark is the uniform mark of the European Union applied to the packaging of organic food products grown without any chemical fertilizers.
 Не содержит ГМО

«Contains No GMO!» symbol shows the voluntary certification of producers as concerns absence of any genetically modified organisms in their products (GMO). The eligibility for using the mark on the product packaging is regulated by local laws of countries and their regions. All products Vision offers to consumers are inspected for conformity with special standards known as the Vision quality «criteria matrix». This makes it possible to guarantee that there are no GMO contained in the Vision products.

Vision WHO (Whole Health Option) Philosophy Marks

ALL NATURAL Under my commitment Dmitry Buriak

ALL NATURAL Under My Commitment, Dmitry Buriak Mark is the personal stamp of the Company's President. Its application to the product packages means the President's personal responsibility to consumers and guarantees the natural origin and conformity with the Vision quality criteria matrix of all ingredients in that product.


LIFE QUALITY PROTECTION Symbol testifies to the special attention of the Company to the life quality of its clients and reflects the consistent commitment to the WHO (Whole Health Option) philosophy.


FAMILY ECOLOGY NATURE WELLNESS Emblem emphasizes the Company's care for the proper family environment and shows the essence of contactology (science dealing with contacts) and the WHO (Whole Health Option) philosophy in the new realities, in harmony with the 2010 – 2015 Development Strategy.

Logos of Company's Partners

Vision DEM4 Laboratory

Vision DEM4 Laboratory is the logo of Vision DEM4 research laboratory. Unique formulas of the Vision products are being developed on the laboratory base.

Association of Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts

Association of Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts is the coat of arms of the Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts. Vision has been the Chamber's member since 1996.
Kaunas University of Medicine

Kaunas University of Medicine is the coat of arms of the Kaunas University of Medicine. Research for and clinical testing of the Vision products are conducted on the University base in cooperation with leading specialists of DEM4 Laboratory.

Symbols of Technologies Used and of Ingredient Properties

CRYO Cryogrinding Technology —196C

CRYO Cryogrinding Technology -1960C symbol means the use in the product manufacture of the cryogrinding technology – grinding the source materials in the low temperature environment in the inert nitrogen gas atmosphere. The technology is used in the production of the Vision bioactive food supplements and allows to retain beneficial properties of the plant components without destroying the life-giving force of herbs.
5 antioxidant Ingredients

5 Antioxidant Ingredients Mark is used on packages of the iFly phytotonics set and means the presence in each phytotonic of the natural antioxidant – the extract of one of the five legendary plants: golden root, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, mate, guarana.

Logos of Social Projects and Initiatives

MISSIA Charity foundation

MISSIA Charity Foundation Logo is the logo of MISSIA Charity Foundation. For many years Vision has been supporting the Foundation's operations and its initiatives on providing assistance to orphanages in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.


PANDA Logo is the logo of the Research Foundation of Giant Panda Breeding (PRC). Vision sponsors two young giant pandas living in the national park in Chengdu, the administrative center of Sichuan Province.


PINK RIBBON Symbol is the international emblem of public and private initiatives for fighting breast cancer. Vision supports the movement.